【Home Purchase Process】Things to do one week before your closing

Here is a list of things to do one week before your closing:

1) Call Gas, Electric, and Water provider of the area to change the name of accounts.

Sellers normally stops their service/account on the day of closing. Please do not forget to call in advance and let the utility companies know that you are going to be the new owner of the home on the day of closing. Once services are stopped, it takes days (more than you think!) to restart services!

You can ask your agent the providers of the area.

If the providers are AEP and Columbia Gas, here are their information.

Online service click here!

Columbia Gas
Online service click here!

If Columbus City is providing the water in your house, a post card will be at the property. You can use the post card.

2) Apply for Internet/Cable/Phone Services

3) Notify your post office change of addresses

You can go to your local post office or you can go online here.