Landlord Representation

Akiko Miyamoto and the Nihongo-de-USA. team is one of the very few bilingual (English and Japanese) realtors in town, and specialize in relocation service for the Japanese. They receives 3-8 new rental home inquiries a week (between January and May) / a month (between June and December) from the Japanese community. Also, this site,, plays a role of Central Ohio’s portal site in the Japanese community and enjoys 6,243 monthly unique visitors (average of 2016). Japanese executives and engineers are typically on a five-year job assignment. Due to their company policy, they are not allowed to purchase a house. That creates high demand in rental properties in this area. Their housing allowance stipend in addition to their salary assures on time rent payment for you. If you are thinking about leasing your house(s) to a long term tenant, you are in the right hands!

By working with the Nihongo-de-Columbus team, you will get a long term tenant from 1) listing in the Nihongo-de-Columbus twice a month newsletter, 2) listing on the “Looking for a Tenant” page, 3) Nihongo-de-Columbus branded For Lease sign, and 4) team’s daily referral and tours to potential tenants who contacted the Nihongo-de-Columbus team.

Here is how we work with you!

1) You fill out the Landlord Client Profile so Nihongo-de-Columbus fully understands you and your needs.
2) Nihongo-de-Columbus staff comes and visits your house to check the condition and gives free consultation.
3) Nihongo-de-Columbus puts For Lease sign up.
4) Nihongo-de-Columbus team sets a lockbox at the door.
5) Nihongo-de-Columbus newsletter markets your house.
6) Nihongo-de-Columbus online site advertises your house.
7) Nihongo-de-Columbus team refers your house to their clients.
8) Nihongo-de-Columbus team tours your house with potential tenants.
9) You choose a tenant from potential tenants.
10) Nihongo-de-Columbus team prepares a Lease agreement for your review.
11) Nihongo-de-Columbus team gets Tenant’s signature on the Lease.
12) Nihongo-de-Columbus team instructs Tenant to switch utility accounts to their names and to buy Renter’s insurance.
13) Nihongo-de-Columbus team instructs Tenant to pay you Security deposit, proration of first month Rent.
14) Nihongo-de-Columbus team instructs Tenant to set up an automatic online payment before 1st of each month to pay a monthly rent on time.
15) Nihongo-de-Columbus team provides your Tenant a move-in walk through.
16) Nihongo-de-Columbus team provides you with Water Tenant Direct Billing Agreement after Tenant’s signature and water meter readings are complete.
17) Nihongo-de-Columbus team provides you with move-in condition list received from Tenant in a week from move-in.

You can start the process by answering the Landlord Client Profile!