【Q】Can I close my property in OH out of state?州外に赴任が決まりました。クロージングの際に戻ってくる必要がありますか?

【Q】I am thinking of selling my condo in Dublin, OH. However, I am relocating myself to CA in a couple of weeks. If I ask you to list my home, do I need to come back to OH for closing?


【A】You do not have to fly back to OH unless you have any other reasons to come back here. I can arrange a title company to have you close (sign necessary documents) in CA. Also, e-sign is allowed for all the other transactional documents in real estate via email. So as long as you have an access to email, it is not necessary what so ever for you to be physically in OH from the listing to closing.


【Q】Can you refer me to a good realtor in IN? インディアナ州のいい仲介者の方をご紹介願えますか?

【Q】I am moving from Indiana to Columbus, OH in less than 3 months. If I would like you to refer me to a good realtor in Carmel/Indianapolis area, what do I need to do? Also, can I turn down a referred realtor if I do not like them?

Also, how long in advance should I contact a realtor before listing of my house?



【A】We have an outgoing referral system within a company. If you could let me know your home address and contact information, I can do the rest for you. If you do not think you work well with the realtor who was referred to you, you can turn them down or ask for another one until you meet the one that you are totally happy with. However, from my experience, realtors who are in this system are selected ones with experience and high customer satisfaction. I have received many thanks in the past, but never received a complaint so far.

As far as timing of contacting a realtor, I would do it right away. If your home is a move-in condition, you might be able to wait until a week to two from listing day. However, you might need some repair work, staging, etc…, then it is never too early to contact a realtor. If you have time, there will be more things that you can do on your own to prepare the house for listing. If your concern is coordinating timing of sale of your current home and purchase of your next home (and/or you cannot have two mortgages at the same time), you can always put a contingency of sale of your home into a contract. If that is not the concern, then you can simply let potential buyer know that possession/closing of the home is at the time of your move out day. In either case, your listing agent will advise you something similar to this, so that is not something you as a client needs to worry about. Have your realtor handle that for you.




【Q】Cost to Sell a House 家を売る費用

【Q】This is my first time trying to sell my house.  How much does it cost to sell a house?



【A】The cost to sell a house is generally about 9-10% of the sale price of the house.  If you are interested, please visit the following site.  After you become a registered user, you can find out exactly how much proceeds you will receive at closing from the tab “Net Sellers Calculator”.

【回答】家の売却に掛かる費用は、通常売値の9-10%と言われています。実際にいくらのお金が手元に残るのかを知りたければ、以下のサイトで調べることが出来ます。一度、ユーザー登録する必要があります。その上で”Net Sellers Calculator”のタブをクリックして下さい。