“Little Tokyo”: Japanese Honda Families Adjust to Life in Ohio

2013年6月26日Columbus 2020にて、ニューヨークタイムス紙のAutomobilesに毎週コラムを書いているフリージャーナリスト、Jim Motavalli よりコロンバス地域の日本人コミュニティーと住宅事情についてインタビューを受けました。

ご興味がある方は、Car Talkより記事“Little Tokyo”: Japanese Honda Familes Adjust to Life in Ohioの全文をご覧になることが出来ます。

On June 26, 2013, I was interviewed by Jim Motavalli, a freelance journalist who weekly contributes to The New York Time’s “Automobiles”section, on the Japanese community and their housing condition in Columbus.

You can read his article, “Little Tokyo”: Japanese Honda Familes Adjust to Life in Ohio on www.cartalk.com.


第1回 Nihongo-de-Columbus交流会
2013 8月 First Client Appreciation Get-Together

–Annual Client Appreciation Day on August 18, 2013

My clients from past and present got together at the Magic Mountain Fun in Polaris last Sunday on Aug 18, 2013.
We shared lunch and played miniature golf together.
It was humbling to have over 50 clients spending their last Sunday of summer break with me. Thank you : )

Akiko Miyamoto



Top Rising Star of the Year!

I received Top Rising Star of the Year (Rookie of the Year) award from Coldwell Banker King Thomspon this February.
I wanted to report this to you first to say, “THANK YOU!”

This is such a big award and I still cannot believe it… but I realized this award means I had the biggest support from the people around me. So thank you for being there with me and for me.

I also would like to thank America. This country recognizes anyone’s efforts no matter where they originally came from. I am lucky and honored to be part of this country with you.

Akiko Miyamoto