【Investment Property】Haydens Crossing

Pramant was ready for another investment property when I found a tenant who would like to move into this property. According to CMA, the listing price was appropriate. We made a full price offer on 8/17/2013, but asked for a repair of the fan/light in the living room and extermination to treat observed ants in the kitchen. Seller agreed to that and we went into contract next day.


After the inspection on 8/27/2013, we requested remedy of 3 minor items including replacing all bathroom outlets with GFCI, clearing all the possessions and debris from the attic and garage, and sealing around the shower head in the bathroom. Seller took care of all the repairs. An appraisal was ordered afterwards, and it came above the purchase price. It closed on 9/6/2013.

After closing, Pramant installed washer/dryer, ceiling light in the loft area, and cleaned the carpet as the tenant requested. The tenant moved in on 9/11/2013.


【Comments from Pramant】

How did you find me?
This was my second property with Akiko.

Why did you decide to hire me as your agent?
You know the target market and you are fair. You already had prior experience doing this type of investment so your experience was a plus.

What did you like about my service and why?
1. You’ve done this before many times and can answer my questions
2. You had all contacts (contractor, inspection) and processes in place for a smooth start to end
3. You understood the market (renter and investor) and priced out accordingly to each sides needs
4. You are reachable with the renter after the closing and keep on top of things if there are issues

Where can I make an improvement in the future?
Nothing so far.