【Seller Representation】Dublin

[Days on Market]
1 day

Listed: 6/18/2013
In Contract: 6/19/2013
Sold: 7/31/2013

Suzanne contacted me on 3/26/2013 after I sent out my introduction letter to homeowners in the subdivision of Heather Glen in Dublin. She thought I was a perfect match for her because I specializes in selling home within 30 days in Dublin school district where she wanted to lease or sell her house and I live in Clintonville where she wanted to move to. Suzanne wanted to seek a possibility of leasing her current house. So I suggested her to speak with her lender to see if she can carry two mortgages. After a discussion with her lender, she decided to sell the house.

We met at her house in the following week. A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) showed the house would go into contract within 30 days if it were listed between $205,000 and $215,000.

Know your competitor!
I took Suzanne out to a few similar houses (3Bed/2.5Bath/around 1,800sqft) for sale in Dublin school district because they are going to be her competition. (You have to know your competitors if you want to win a Buyer!) Tour of houses on the market also helps Sellers realize how they need to present their house to sell at the price they would like to get. Of course, Suzanne was aiming for the highest end of the CMA price range. The tour made her realize she had some homework to do ; )

Repair, replacement & update
I brought a contractor, Scott Zimmer from Zimmer Property Solutions, into her house to show Suzanne exactly what needs to be repaired, replaced, and updated. She got an idea and decided to do all the work herself. She did a magnificent job herself, but… the house still looked empty…

Staging professional
So Suzanne agreed to have a professional stager, Katy from My English Touch, into the house, and … the house revived!!

Suzanne and I looked at the CMA again, there was a movement. A house in the subdivision, listed for $215,000 with fewer sqft than hers went into contract in 4 days. This made us decide to initially price-position the house at $220,000.

In contract!
Suzanne’s house was listed in the morning of 6/18/2013. 6 showings were scheduled within hours. First offer, which was higher than listing price, came in that evening. Another agent contacted me shortly after the first offer. The second offer was at the listing price, however, this offer did not ask for any closing cost by Seller. Suzanne decided to take the second offer and went into contract in full price in total of 14 hours from the time of listing. Congratulations, Suzanne!!

【Comments from Suzanne】

How did you find out about Akiko?

Why did you decide to hire Akiko as your agent?

What did you like about Akiko’s service and why?

Where can Akiko make an improvement in the future?